Current Puzzles


RIDDLR is a puzzle website that rewards it's players with game keys and crypto for solving theme based puzzles and riddles.

Announcements of new puzzles being available can be found on our public Discord server!


Unlimited solution attempts, with no penalties or delayed reward response.

User Puzzles

On top of RIDDLR puzzles, you can also create and solve puzzles with separate rewards.

Solve Statistics

Full statistics on your solving attempts can be visualized for a look at your progression.

Always Free

All puzzles with a gate, have a free option that can be used to get into the puzzle.

Too many stats...

RIDDLR gathers enough statistics about the actual solving process of all of the puzzles. This is strictly for academic purposes and is only re-visualized back to the solvers.

New Puzzles Regularly

RIDDLR's new puzzle creator let's there be a constant stream of puzzles and riddles always available. Both RIDDLR and the community can make puzzles available through the site.